Stevie Wonder / スティーヴィ・ワンダー / Journey Through The Secret Life Of Plants -2LP (TI3-371C2)

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■プレス国 : US


■レコード : EX(良好)

■ジャケット : EX-(ややスレあり)

"Power Flower "、"Send One Your Love"など美しい曲を収録した、コンセプチュアルな79年のアルバム。//US Tamlaオリジナル2LPゲートフォルド・ジャケット(VPI cleaned)

A1. Earth's Creation 4:06
A2. The First Garden 2:33
A3. Voyage To India 6:23
A4. Same Old Story 3:45
A5. Venus' Flytrap And The Bug 2:24
A6. Ai No, Sono 2:05

B1. Seasons 2:53
B2. Power Flower 5:31
B3. Send One Your Love (Music) 3:05
B4. Race Babbling 8:51

C1. Send One Your Love 4:02
C2. Outside My Window 5:29
C3. Black Orchid 3:48
C4. Ecclesiastes 3:44
C5. Kesse Ye Lolo De Ye 3:00
C6. Come Back As A Flower 3:23

D1. A Seed's A Star And Tree Medley 5:41
D2. The Secret Life Of Plants 4:28
D3. Tree 5:55
D4. Finale 6:47